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April 2007

Is there Life on Mars?

DCI Gene Hunt and DI Sam Tyler

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology (cough) and a super fast broadband connection, I like many others in the UK today, will be watching the conclusion to Life on Mars (9pm, BBC One).

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It's a God awful small affair

This is my third attempt at writing this entry. For the last month I have been feeling incredibly down, reflective and just damn right miserable. What started off as a regular reboot, prompted by the anniversary of my being here last year (and the comparisons that can be drawn), turned into a sad, sorry journey into the unknown, confronting old feelings that I never fully resolved.

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Spring Back

Once again I write this blog entry sat on an aeroplane California bound having spent the last week back home in the UK. The official reason for my return was so that I could attend Future of Web Design conference in London, the unofficial reason just the need for a break from stateside living, and a chance to catch up with some sorely missed friends.

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Valley Speak

Two recent conversations have revealed to me my inner cynicism for web2.0 and all that surrounds me in the valley.

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Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs Playing Tonight

My first gig in a long while, and certainly bizarre in having to prove I was over 21 to get served alcohol (not sure I have encountered the higher age limit in the US until this point). The Warfield is a nice small feeling venue, in a great central location on Market Street. We got seats on the front row of the upper level, perfect for watching the Kaisers.

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Now that I'm back…

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Whilst I was back in the UK, my friend Lee told me I should blog more about what I get up to. I think that sounds like a great idea1, and comes at a time when I plan on making the most of this summer here in California.

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