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Travis at The Fillmore, San Francisco

Last Wednesday night I had the good fortune to see Travis at one of only two live gigs they played in America, after their appearance at the Coachella music festival near LA.

Like many other British bands, they have a smaller following this side of the Atlantic, which is great as it means they fill far smaller venues than you would expect in Europe, and the fans are more dedicated and appreciative.

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Travis: Selfish Jean Video

Travis + Demetri Martin = Awesome!

Whose Space?

I’ve held my tongue on MySpace for far too long, so let this be the first of many complaints I have about this service.

A few weekends ago, my friend Ellen asked me to help her customise her MySpace page. After giving her my rant about why MySpace is all kinds of wrong, I agreed to help her out. I refuse to have a MySpace account out of principle1, so I’ve never tried to customise a MySpace page, but I did know that it’s not the most intuitive of processes. That night provided all the confirmation I needed that this is indeed the case.

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Farewell Mr. Blair

Tony Blair

So the date the Prime Minister will finally be leaving office has been announced, and his successor (thanks no doubt to his iron fist) is all but crowned.

Prime Ministers are such a part of day-to-day life, that when they change, it prompts you to reflect on their period of office, and how their tenure effected your own life.

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Seven Goals for 2007 - An Update

At the beginning of this year I wrote an entry (Seven Goal for ‘07) in which I set myself seven goals and improvements I wanted to make to my life this year. As we approach the half way point, I wanted to see how much I’ve been able to achieve so far, and what areas I still need to work on.

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