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November 2003

Live from Sydney!

I’ve only been here about half a day now, and half of that has been spent in this internet cafe trying to sort out a group e-mailing list!

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The Matrix: Revolutions

The Matrix: Revolutions

So here we are - the conclusion of the Matrix Trilogy. Of course every film released now days is part of a trilogy as part of obvious marketing exercises and you do wonder weather the Matrix falls into this category.

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My first few days in Sydney

Welcome to the second instalment of “Are you jealous yet?” So what have I been up to so far? Here’s a quick rundown:-

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I Don't Care What the Weather Man Says

Just a quick update on the last few days. Basically the weather forecasters are extremely poor at their jobs because seeing as it has supposed to have been raining pretty much everyday since I got here I aint seen none. Well okay - I lie - two spots of rain (you think I’m joking!)

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Go Johnny Johnny!!!

Wow what a day! Asked earlier by Fordy if I thought this trip had made any impression on me and I said no not really - its just like being in England but much sunnier.

However, about half an hour ago me and Kris went to sort out a little end of trip vacation to Cairns (North Oz, Great Barrier Reef, very very hot… you get the idea). After trying to communicate with someone at STA with a very poor grasp of the English language, I walked out with Kris not far behind.

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Johnny, Yanky, Blondie

Sadly not able to be smug anymore as Sydney has been raining pretty much all weekend plus - luckily Cairns has never experienced rain I think, so still a chance for some sort of tan (or more likely third degree burns!).

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